What does melanoma look like?

Most people have some type of skin spots known as freckles, age spots, liver spots, nevi and moles. The mnemonic ABCDEF has been developed to teach people what to look for. Any of the below are abnormal.

A is for Asymmetry

if you divided the spot in half, one side would not match the other

B is for Border

the outside edge of the spot is irregular, notched or scalloped

C is for Color

more than one color in a spot; the presence of the colors red, black or blue; darker than other moles on body

D is for Diameter

> 6mm (size of a pencil eraser) measuring across the width or length of the spot

E is for Elevation or Enlargement

spot grows horizontally or vertically

F is for Friction

spot feels rough, sandpaper-like, scabs over repeatedly, itches or bleeds